Italian for "beautiful view" Belvedere is a small island located in Marin County. Only a mile long, it is a tiny, vibrant community that hosts some of the most expensive homes in Marin. Belvedere shares ownership of the smaller Corinthian Island with neighboring Tiburon. The lagoon and causeways that separate them are surrounded by stunning Victorian-style homes and grand views of Angel Island, San Francisco, Mount Tamalpais, and the Golden Gate Bridge. In order to preserve the town's pristine views and spacious wooded landscape, no restaurants or shops are allowed in Belvedere, though nearby Tiburon has a wide range of services, shops, and eateries. A sailing community with 2 world-class yacht harbors, a Mediterranean climate, and a peaceful, easy lifestyle, makes Belvedere a one-of-a-kind place to call home.

A commuter and tourist town located in Marin County, Tiburon occupies most of the Tiburon Peninsula, which stretches south into the San Francisco Bay. Accessible by ferry or boat, it was once the southern terminus of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad. Its former railroad right of way is now part of the San Francisco Bay Trail. It affords outdoor enthusiasts ample area for biking, hiking, and skating, as well as providing a place for the viewing of wild life and environmental education. "Friday Nights on Main Street" finds Tiburon's main street closed to automobile traffic. With tables lining the streets, guests are afforded the opportunity to enjoy the special menus offered by local restaurants. The music and entertainment make it a great way for the community to come together and mingle. Sharing its town facilities with the neighboring island of Belvedere, Tiburon offers beautiful shops and restaurants along with its majestic views of water and land. Whether delighting in its museums, playhouse, or vineyards, Tiburon is a tantalizing taste of the deep rich culture embedded in all of Marin County.